Veterans and younger generations of the Vakhtangov Theatre at the Great Victory celebration

May, 8, just on the eve of the Great Victory Day, at the Vakhtangov Theatre was held a celebration.

Vladimir Etush, the national artist of the USSR, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War opened the ceremony. He told the story of his military service.

Eugeny Fedorov, the honoured artist of the Russian Federation, the veteran of home front, said about the actors and staff of the Vakhtangov theatre who had been fighting or coming with concerts to the frontline.

Once again was remembered – and will never be forget – a horrible air-attack of 1941 that destroyed the stage of our theatre.

Yuriy Gaziev, the honoured worker of culture, the legendary literature director of the Vakhtangov Theatre, asked all of us to remember about the link of generations, about the terrible war and the great heroic deeds forever.

Vasiliy Lanovoi, the national artist of the USSR, succeeded the theme and with his marvelous voice quoted Alexander Pushkin: “You can be proud of glory of your grandfathers. You should be proud of glory of your grandfathers. If you are not – it’s a shame”.

Vasiliy Lanovoi is leading the annual march of the “Immortal Regiment” to pay tribute to the Great Patriotic war Heroes.


Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten.