First Introduction of the Simonov Branch of the Vakhtangov Theatre

The history of the Simonov Branch of the Vakhtangov Theatre is interesting and dramatic by all meanings. The theatre is named in honour of one of the best Russian theatre directors and managers of the XX century Ruben Simonov, the student of Eugene Vakhtangov.

Ruben Simonov began a theatre dynasty, his descendant Eugene Simonov established his own theatre in 80s. The stage was successful for 2 decades but later the audience forgot it.

February 6, 2015 the Russian Ministry for Culture declared: “The theatre named after Ruben Simonov is to be converted and connected to Vakhtangov theatre” (Order #217).

The playhouse required a serious reconstruction and renovation which is still in progress now. As soon as we have rebuilt several parts of the theatre building including the foyer — we are ready to introduce it to journalists and to the Ministry for Culture representatives on the 23th od December, 2016 at 14:00.

Famous actors of the Vakhtangov Theatre are expected at the event.