Eugene Vakhtangov - 134th anniversary

"There is something mysterious and enigmatic in the Universe. We cannot and will never penetrate into their essence, since if we could mysteries would immediately lose their insolubility. But without secrets and mysteries there is no harmony, forming this Universe. Penetrating into enigma and cracking mystery would mean braking this world, in which man is the greatest mystery" (Eug. Vakhtangov)

Eugene Vakhtangov was born 134 years ago. His oeuvre, his bright and tragic fate is one of the utmost mysteries of our Universe. He brought a wonderful gift to the whole world, the gift is mysterious, festive and harmonious Theatre.

Today – as always – we recollect lessons of our Master and try to do our best to make the future of the Vakhtangov Theatre greater than its past, since only this way we can follow genius founder of our Theatre.