"Anna Karenina" in Washington

The perfromance "Anna Karenina" directed by Angelica Cholina (a famous choreographer, collaborator of many productions by Rimas Tuminas) is the second show filmed by Stage Russia HD at the Vakhtangov Theatre. The first one was "Eugene Onegin". Actually, it was also the beginning and first big success of Stage Russia HD project.

By the materials of Sputniknews:

"Anna Karenina" was shown in some 30 US cinemas, including in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Washington, New York, Miami, Pittsburg, and Cleveland.

Producer and company's founder Edward Aronoff told Sputnik that the Vakhtangov Theatre's interpretation of Anna Karenina has been received by the US audience very well, and some cinemas even ask for additional screenings.

"People who see that Moscow ballet performance tell us that that's the best thing they've ever seen", — Aronoff said. "Not the best performance but the best thing they've ever seen. And I agree, it's outstanding. It's so unusual."

Aronoff noted that the project was born two years ago with the idea of bringing live Russian theatre to the United States.

"I started this because I love Russia. It's my opportunity to bring a little piece of Russia back home,"— Aronoff added. "The goal of the project is to educate, promote Russian culture and build bridges between the two countries".

The producer said that at the moment some 75 percent of the audience are Russian Americans, and pointed out that the western audience is growing. He also shared that they are expanding and will be organizing screenings in China, Australia, Latin America, and Scotland.

Aronoff also shared his plans to start working with the Lensovet Theatre in St. Petersburg next season in addition to the Moscow theaters. In September, Stage Russia HD plans to release Anton Chekhov's The Seagull staged by Satirikon, Vakhtangov's Uncle Vanya, and the Lensovet's Macbeth.Kino among others.