'Moscow komsomolets' Award Winners 2016/2017

The ‘Moscow komsomolets’ newspaper Award Winners of the theatre season 2016/2017 are announced. The Vakhtangov Theatre receives 9 awards.

VLADIMIR ETUSH is the Actor of the Year.



Amongst the EXPERIENCED category winners are:


LIUDMILA MAKSAKOVA as the Best Actress

for the role of Iocasta (‘Oedipus Rex’)

EVGENY KNYAZEV as the Best Supporting Actor

for the role of Tiresias (‘Oedipus Rex’)

The show ‘OEDIPUS REX’ directed by Rimas Tuminas

as the Best Performance

ADOMAS JACOVSKIS as the Best Stage Designer

(‘Oedipus Rex’) 


The category BEGINNERS is represented by the following Vakhtangov actors:



for the role of Oedipus (‘Oedipus Rex’)

EKATERINA SIMONOVA as the Best Supporting Actress 

 for the role of Lena (‘The Benefit’)


The SPECIAL category:

FAUSTAS LATENAS is the Best Composer (‘Oedipus Rex’)

The show ‘OUR CLASS’ wins the Award for the Best Team.