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13 September

Dear visitors!

The Vakhtangov theatre artists and plays have been nominated for one of prestigious Russian theatre Awards - 'Theatral' ('TheatreGoer') magazine Award. You may wish to vote for us by the link:

12 September

Laureates of Moscow Prize – Viktor Dobronravov, Sergey Epishev, Artur Ivanov, Ekaterina Kramzina, and Valery Ushakov

6 September

Vladimir Medinskiy, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation attended the Vakhtangov Theatre gathering. Rimas Tuminas becomes the holder of the Order of Honour.

29 August

Three shows at the beginning of the new theatre season are dedicated to the Vladimir Simonov’s jubilee:

08/09/2017 — ‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov;

23/09/2017 — ‘The Wind in the Poplars’ by Gérald Sibleyras;

25/09/2017 — ‘Minetti’ by Thomas Bernhard.

28 August
The Vakhtangov company gathering is scheduled at 12:00.
The first performance on the main stage in the new season is ‘Oedipus the King’ (at 19:00).
5 August

Best wishes to the actor and singer!

4 August

The Vakhtangov theatre actors became laureates of Moscow Prize for Literature and Arts

28 July

On the 28th of July 2017, Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation chaired a meeting with Government members in Novo-Ogarevo, the Moscow region. This news is quoted from the official Kremlin resource:

27 July

A short Vakhtangov Theatre Guide tells you stories about places linked to the history of the Theatre and its founder, both in Moscow and in other cities.

17 July

The ‘Moscow komsomolets’ newspaper Award Winners of the theatre season 2016/2017 are announced. The Vakhtangov Theatre this time receives 9 awards.

25 May


Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation awarded Rimas Tuminas

26 April

The meeting “Culture is a national priority” was held in Omsk, Russia at April 25. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev performed at the final discussion of the meeting.

24 April
20 April

The outstanding Russian actor Vladimir Etush receives ‘Golden Mask’ for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Theatre Arts’.

5 April
The Vakhtangov Theatre is happy to present newly issued books devoted to theatre life and history.


3 April

A screening of the Vakhtangov Theater’s dance production of "Anna Karenina" filmed live by the Stage Russia HD was held at the Russian Cultural Center in Washington


31 March

Ralph Fiennes calls "Uncle Vanya" his favourite performance, a show of his heart.

21 March

Interviews of Rims Tuminas and Kirill Krok announced.

21 March
15 February

Young people studying acting and directing art took part in All-Russia Youth Educational Forum "Tavrida on Baqqal beli" in 2016. Thirty-nine winners of the Forum competition representing Federation Subjects and the Republic of Belarus are invited to the Artistic Laboratory of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

13 February

Eugene Vakhtangov was born 134 years ago. His oeuvre, his bright and tragic fate is one of the utmost mysteries of our Universe. 

9 February

The Vakhtangov Theatre team send its warmest wishes to Elena Mikhailova who celebrates her birthday on February 10. 

7 February

Meeting openness and transparency requirements, the Vakhtangov Theatre sets a new page on its website. This page opens access to Theatre reports named "Artistic Projects of the Vakhtangov Theatre":

31 January

On the 7th of February at 19.30 The Vakhtangov Theatre will run an Internet conference with Olga Lerman, a young star of the Theatre.

30 January

The Vakhtangov Theatre is holding a press conference to introduce its guests, Italian actors performing famous "Danza Macabra" in Moscow. February 10, 2017 at 13:00

20 January

2017 is a special year due to two outstanding dates: Rimas Tuminas has been leading the Vakhtangov Theatre for the decade, and on the 20th of January Maestro is celebrating his 65th anniversary. Jubilee festivity took place at the New stage of the theatre.

19 January

Anna Karenina is set to premiere in North America on January 19, 2017.

16 January

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation sent a telegram to the superb Russian actor.

15 January

Vladimir Etush awarded ’75 years of Moscow battle’ medal




14 January

The Vakhtangov Theatre has lots of beautiful traditions. Gathering all together for celebrating the Old New Year on the 13thth of January is one of them. Some further explanations might be needed. Such a festivity as the Old New Year appeared in Russia because of the difference between the Gregorian and the Julian calendars. Besides, in the Vakhtangov Theatre we do believe that 13 is a lucky number. Particularly, because Eugene Vakhtangov was born on the 13th of February.

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