Theatre news

28 December

We suggest to your attention some recent pictures from the Simonov Branch. The ground floor is almost ready. 

19 December

December, 23 2016 at 14:00 the Simonov Branch of the Vakhtangov Theatre shall be represented to journalists and to the Ministry for Culture officials.

18 December
One of the most adored by audience performances of the Vakhtangov Theatre “Mademoiselle Nitouche” is presented for the 300th time. Unique night: all cast on stage! 3 Celestins, 3 Denises… And marvelous Maria Aronova is starring at the operetta for the 300th time!
Foto © Valery Miasnikov
9 November

Congratulations to one of the best Russian theatre and cinema actors – Victor Sukhorukov – on his 65th birthday.

4 November

A special TV-programme by "Russia-Culture"

4 November

Russian stage and cinema celebrities welcome a performance by Rimas Tuminas Directors Laboratory trainee Gulnaz Balpeisova to the repertory of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

1 November

The stars of the programme in the 96th theatre season are:
Vladimir Ivanov
Alexey Kuznetsov
Further programmes shall be announced soon

19 October

The second season of the  “Theatrical Russia” is launched.

18 October

Valentina Matviyenko attended a performance staged by the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, the Honoured Arts Worker Vladimir Ivanov

14 October

An international theatre workshop by the director Eric Lacascade at the Vakhtangov theater. The play “We, the heroes” (“Nous, les héros”) by Jean-Luc Lagarce.


12 September

Today we celebrate the opening of the 96th theatre season of the Vakhtangov Theatre. We recall the previous season: 539 performances at our stages at the Arbat street, 74 performances during touring. 295,000 viewers of our shows at the Arbat street.


31 August

Tickets sale for the evenings with Vakhtangov theatre actors in ART-CAFE is on

24 August

"Eugene Onegin" participates in the international project "Stage Russia HD". In cinemas from 15 September.


25 July

September, 15 the "Eugene Onegin" broadcast starts in the American cinemas.


27 June

This time one of the most appreciated Russian theatre awards was given to three Vakhtangov Theatre actors: Vasiliy Lanovoy, Euginia Kregzhde and Vladimir Simonov

1 June

Vasiliy Lanovoy is announced to be awarded with the "Crystal Turandot"

27 May

A new doble-decker train commemorates Mikhail Ulyanov. The ceremony is held on May, 28 in Saint-Petersburg

20 May

TOP Theatre is ON

8 May

Foto by Valeriy Miasnikov

30 April

The broadcasting of the movie-version of “EUGENE ONEGIN” is scheduled for September 2016.

12 April
June and July 2016: schedule 
Box Office: +7(499)241-16-79.


8 April

The General Manager of the Vakhtangov Theatre Kirill Krok is on a business-trip to Sevastopol for April 8 and 9.

1 April

The General Manager of the Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia Kirill Krok received The Prize for the Contribution to the Russian Culture.

22 March

The THREE MAIN EVENTS of the International Theatre Day at the Vakhtangov Theatre

March, 31. The opening ceremony of the Memorial Museum of Eugeniy Vakhtangov.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the Vakhtangov Actors Painted Portraits.
The presentation of the Fitness Centre for the actors and staff of the Vakhtangov Theatre.



10 March

March, 31 at 19:30

9 March
Yulia Borisiva is “The Legend of the Russian Theatre”.
Sergey Makovetskiy is “The One, the Best” 
Maria Aronova and Yulia Rutberg are "The Best of the Best".
8 March

"Prize for the Professional Contribution to the Russian Theatre Art Progress"

4 March

Our Dearest Fair Ladies! We are glad to congratulate you with one of the most beautiful spring holydays

24 February

February, 29 at 19:30 — the next conference broadcast of “Evenings with Vakhtangov actors” starts with Eugeniya Kregzhde!


24 February

"Jealous at herself" - 22.04.2016 (19.30)

"Piter Pan" - 23.04.2016 (18.00), 24.04.2016 (12.00 и 16.00)

"Storm" - 25.04.2016 (19.30)