Theatre news

8 April

The General Manager of the Vakhtangov Theatre Kirill Krok is on a business-trip to Sevastopol for April 8 and 9.

1 April

The General Manager of the Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia Kirill Krok received The Prize for the Contribution to the Russian Culture.

22 March

The THREE MAIN EVENTS of the International Theatre Day at the Vakhtangov Theatre

March, 31. The opening ceremony of the Memorial Museum of Eugeniy Vakhtangov.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the Vakhtangov Actors Painted Portraits.
The presentation of the Fitness Centre for the actors and staff of the Vakhtangov Theatre.



10 March

March, 31 at 19:30

9 March
Yulia Borisiva is “The Legend of the Russian Theatre”.
Sergey Makovetskiy is “The One, the Best” 
Maria Aronova and Yulia Rutberg are "The Best of the Best".
8 March

"Prize for the Professional Contribution to the Russian Theatre Art Progress"

4 March

Our Dearest Fair Ladies! We are glad to congratulate you with one of the most beautiful spring holydays

24 February

February, 29 at 19:30 — the next conference broadcast of “Evenings with Vakhtangov actors” starts with Eugeniya Kregzhde!


24 February

"Jealous at herself" - 22.04.2016 (19.30)

"Piter Pan" - 23.04.2016 (18.00), 24.04.2016 (12.00 и 16.00)

"Storm" - 25.04.2016 (19.30)

13 February

Eygeniy Vaktangov was born on February 13, 1883


5 February

The first night of the new version of “Masquerade” by Rimas Tuminas directing was on January, 21 2010.

20 January
19 January

Warmest greetings and congratulations to new members of the Vakhtangov theatre team: Vladislav Demchenko, Svetlana Yozefiy, Igor Kartashev, Natalya Masich, Artem Parhomenko and Sergey Pinegin!

29 December

We remind you that on December 31, the theater box office will remain open until 5.00 p.m.

January 1 - the box-office is closed.

Since January 2, the Vakhtangov theater box office operates as usual - from 12.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., no breaks or day-offs.

24 December

People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize, the rector of the Theatre School of Boris Schukin.

24 December

December 23, 2015 the Honored Artist of Russia Eleanora Shashkova was awarded the Public medal "For the active citizenship and patriotism".

23 December

The Ruben Simonov Theatre legally ceased to exist. The theatre starts a new life as a part of the Vakhtangov Theater.

30 November
27 November

People's Artist of USSR, laureate of State Prizes.

16 November

The Vakhtangov Theatre welcomes its dearest guests – the pupils of Vladikavkaz Lunacharsky Gymnasium N5.

11 November

in the category "The NEWCOMERS" as Best Actress (for her part of Serafima Korzukhina, "The FLIGHT").

3 November

XXII Festival "Golden Mask" will be held in Moscow from February to April 2016.

29 September

Yuri Liubimov Public Award was founded by “Yuri Liubimov Charity Fund for Development of Theatrical Art” non-profit organization in view of the 100th anniversary of Yu.P. Liubimov’s birthday and will be awarded beginning from 2015.

18 September

September 21, at 10.00 a.m. a monument opening to the Honored Artist of Russia G.Konovalova was held at the Vagankovo cemetery.

17 September
14 September

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS correspondent Olga Svistunova/.

8 September

8.09.1920 - 5.03.2019

30 June

Let us invite you all to celebrate with us the evening, dedicated to the closing of the 94th theatre season, here at the Vakhtangov Theatre.

26 May

Rimas Tuminas encouraged the initiative by having proposed to hold the Theatre Directors meeting on the New Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

14 May