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14 January

In January 2018, Alexander Koruchekov, a well-known director, launches a new production – ‘An Ardent Heart’ after the famous Alexander Ostrovsky’s play.


10 December

New production!

8 December

08/12/2017 - the First Night Parade is continued by young directors

27 November

29/11/2017 - the first night. The second show at the Vakhtangov theatre produced by a very successful director Natalya Kovaleva (the other one is 'Our class'). 

22 November

22/11/2017 - the first night

17 November

The fist performance of the new platform of the Vakhtangov Theatre is 'Jesters' Night'.

5 October

The first night of ‘Richard III’, a famous historical play by William Shakespeare happened at the New stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre on the 7th of October, 2017.

20 September

‘Sergeev and the Town’ show has become the first premiere of the 97th season of the Vakhtangov Theatre. The author of the novel attended the first night.

18 July

World Premiere. Dedicated to the Centenary of the birth of Yuri Lyubimov.

Chekhov International Theatre Festival in cooperation with Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre.

Adaptation of the novel, Set Design and Direction – ANATOLY VASILIEV

14 March

For the entire ceremony guests had been ‘Waiting for the Tsar’ since this was the motto of the evening.

Photo (c) Valeriy Miasnikov

24 February

All-girl party at the Vakhtangov Theatre on the 23d of February — the Defender of the Fatherland Day

11 February

A famous tragicomedy “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett will be premiered on the 2nd of March 2017 at the New Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre. The play is staged by Vladimir Beldiyan, a graduate of Workshop (Master Schools) of Rimas Tuminas.

16 December
Mireille Mathieu has congratulated Vladimir Etush on the first night of the new show



16 December

“Danza Macabra” — “The Dance of Death” after a brilliant play by August Strindberg comes on tour to the Vakhtangov Theatre

February 10 and 11, 2016

The performance is presented in Italian. Russian translation provided.

31 July

“Oedipus the King” was premiered in Epidaurus on July 29, 30. The President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos attended the show.

8 June

The director is Gulnaz Balpeisova

6 June

Vladimir Etush participates in the comming show!

3 June
13 April

A cooperative project between the Vakhtangov Theatre and the National Theatre of Greece during the cross-cultural year between Russia and Greece, 2016.


2 March

Photo by Valeriy Miasnikov

29 February

The first night of the show is scheduled to the beginning of the 96th theatre season of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

17 February
Ранее Туминас ставил лишь один спектакль в качестве оперного режиссера

Подробнее на ТАСС:
Туминас ставил лишь один спектакль в качестве оперного режиссера

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29 January
26 December

December 26, 2015

17 December

The premiere is scheduled for March 25, 2016 at the New Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

21 November

21, 22 November, 2015 "Cemetery Club" by Ivan Menchell (translation of M. Barsky) was premiered on the Major stage of the Theatre Vakhtangov Theatre.

3 October

Tuminas produced the play with the main character being the famous German actor Bernhard Minetti (1905-1998). The director has entrusted this role to People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Simonov.

28 May

The cats includes such outstanding actors as Yulia Rutberg, Marina Yesipenko, Olga Chipovskaya, Elena Sotnikova, Yury Kraskov.

28 April

Vladimir Simonov, the People’s Artist of Russia, plays the leading role in the play.

10 April