Мещанин во дворянстве (1969)  

Люсиль - Валентина Малявина

На всякого мудреца довольно простоты (1968)  

Маша - Валентина Малявина

Выбор (1971)  

Ларушка - Валентина Малявина

Молодость театра (1972)  

Наташа Шведова - Валентина Малявина

Ситуация (1973)  

Лидия - Валентина Малявина

Лето в Ноане (1976)  

Морис -  Владимир Вихров

Соланж - Валентина Малявина

Valentina Malyavina

Meritorious Artist of the RF

Valentina Alexandrovna Malyavina was born on 18 June 1941 in Moscow.
In 1966 she graduated from the Schukin Theatre School, B.Y. Zakhava’s course.
She worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1966 till 1978.
Since 1979 she for some time worked at the Kinoaktyor Theatre-Studio.
Since 1988 — was an actress of the “Artist” Theatre at the “Art-centre” association.
At the moment she lives in a boarding house near Moscow.

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