Солин Лев Львович  

Lev Solin

Honoured artist of the Russian Federarion
Composer Lev Solin was born 21 May, 1923.
In 1947 graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory (A.B. Goldenweiser’s piano class).
In 1958 – from the Gnessin Institute (A.I.Khachaturyan’s composition class).
In 1948-1958 taught in the Musical School under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Conservatory.
In 2003 was awarded the Honour Award.

Among his works:
Ballet Penelope (own libretto),1987
Operetta Ladies and Hussard
Four concerto pieces for the symphonic orchestra, 1956
Symphonic Variations, 1958
Dramatic poem “The Revolt” 1974
Suite for the Shakespeare’s drama, 1979
Theatre album (from the music for the plays), 1980
Quintets for piano, flute, flute and piano, voice and piano, choir, symphonic poems, marches ans waltzes for the brass band, pieces for ensembles, songs, etc.

Music for the drama plays in the Vakhtangov, Central Puppet Theatre, Maly Theatrem, St.Petersburg Comedy Theatre, Mayakovsky Theatre and many others.
Lev Solin died 29 September, 2008.

From the work in the Vakhtangov theater
Among the works in the movies