Abrikosov Andrey Lvovich  
Чайка (1954)  

Аркадина - Цецилия Мансурова

Тригорин - Андрей Абрикосов


Andrey Abrikosov

People’s Artist, Laureate of the USSR State Award (for the movie “Aleksander Nevsky”, 1941)
Andrey Abrikosov was born 14 (27) November, 1906 in Simpheropol to an agronome family. In his youth he wandered around the South of Russia, in 1925 moved to Moscow and entered the cinema studio of A.S.Khokhlova. Soon he left this studio for another one, under the supervision of Stalislavsky’s sister Z. Sokolova.
In 1929 “the actor” from the Maly Theatre Studio (1926-1929) Abriosov, who, in fact, had not had a single role before that, got the role of Grigory Melekhov in a silent movie “And Quiet flows the Don”. The directors, O. Preobrajhenskaya and I. Pravov were impressed by the similarity with the main hero. The movie celebrated a great success.
In 1930 - 1931 Abriosov worked as an actor in the Moscow Travelling Theatre, in -19З7 — Moscow Realist Theatre, in 1937 - 1938 — The Chamber Theatre.
Since 1938 and until the end of  his life Abrikosov worked in the Vakhtangov, in 1953-1959 he was the head of  the Theatre.
He died 19 October, 1973.

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