Балихин Владимир Васильевич  

Vladimir Balikhin

Vladimir Balikhin was born 8 August 1899.
He studied in the Vakhtangov Studio  (1918-22).

Worked in the theatre in 1920 — 1953 and created a number of outstanding roles. He was a very inspiring actor who also worked as a director’s assistant, electrics specialist, stage worker, the head of the staging department, and was a member of the director’s board of  the theatre.
In 1929-1953 he taught in the Schukin Drama school. As a director took part in such plays as  “The End of  the Squadron” by Korneychuk  (Sovremenniy Theatre) and “The Date” by Finn  (R.Simonov’s Studio).

V.V. Balikhin died in 1953.

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