Бутусов Юрий  
Бутусов Юрий  

На фестивале Globe to gGlobe в Лондоне с участниками спектакля "Мера за меру"

Бутусов Юрий  

На фестивале Globe to Globe  в Лондоне со спектаклем "Мера за меру"

Yuriy Butusov

Yury Nikolaevich Butusov was born in Gatchina (town near St.Petersburg) 24 September, 1961.

Since February 2011 Butusov is the director of The Lensovet Academic Theatre in Saint-Petersburg.

Butusov has tried himself in a number of professions and spheres, including shipbuilding industry and horse riding.

In 1996 Yury Butusov graduated from the directing department of The Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (Irina Malochevskaya’s course) and the same year worked on the invitation of Vladislav Pazi as a director of The Lensovet Academic Theatre..

Butusov has gained his first fame for the earliest works including Nikolay Gogol’s Marriage (1995), Paradoxographer based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s  Notes From Underground (1996). His graduation work Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett), staged in The Krukovsky Canal Theatre in 1996, celebrated a great success. It received the first prize for the director’s work on the St.Petersburg’s festival The Christmas Parade and was proclaimed as “the event of the year”.

Yury Butusov taught at The Saint Petersburg State Theatre of Arts and The Russian University of Theatre Arts and staged Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure at The Vakhtangov Theatre (2010).


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