Andreeva Dina Andreevna  
Западня (1965)  

Мадам Бош - Дина Андреева

Купо - Владимир Этуш


Dina Andreeva

People’s Artist 

Andreeva Dina Andreevna was born 10 March, 1905. Worked in the Vakhtangov in 1925 — 1994. 

“Everything that Dina Andreeva does, is it an episode or a role, is full of vigorous living force, interest in the character’s life, each person on stage and in the audience. When she enters a room a wave of energy follows her. No one is able to stay calm while she is around. Her rehearsals are always very thorough, and she is very careful for details. She is not an excellent theorist but she she knows her sphere very well. She was a very strict and demanding teacher. Her struggle for a psychological truthfullness was really sincere. Sometimes she could comment on someone’s stupidity but all that was like a sports game. “Hey, what’s up?”  - and that is it. She will not leave you alone until you reach singularity in your image, voice and your movement”, said Veniamin Smekhov in his “Memoirs”.
Dina Andreeva died 10 July, 1994

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