Alekseeva Elizaveta Georgievna  
Виринея (1925)  

Виринея - Елизавета Алексеева


Elizaveta Alexeyeva

People's Artist of the RSFSR, the USSR State Prize Laureate

Yelizaveta Georgievna Alexeyeva was born on 22 June 1901.
She studied at the MAT Theatre-Studio and at the Vakhtangov Studio.

Since 1922 till her death she was an actress of  the Vakhtangov Theatre.
She worked also as a director. Among directing works: “The Livinh Corpse” (production of  R.N. Simonov), “The Married Cook” (production of  R.N. Simonov), etc.
Since 1930 she taught at the Schukin Theatre School, was a professor (1946).
In Elizaveta Alexeyeva’s art dramatic temperament was combined with simplicity and gentleness of performance.
Yelizaveta Georgievna Alexeyeva died on 21 February 1972.

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