Граве Александр Константинович  
Золушка (1966)  

Король - Александр Граве

Мещанин во дворянстве (1969)  

Учитель философии - Александр Граве

Государь ты наш, батюшка... (1991)  

Вяземский - Александр Граве

Собака на сене (2006)  

Граф Лудовико - Александр Граве

Alexander Grave

People's Artist of Russia
Alexander K. Grave was born on September 8, 1920.
In 1942. he graduated from the Theater School B.V. Shchukin,. A.A. Orochko course. .In the same year he was accepted into the troupe Theater .Eug. Vakhtangov.
Since 1998 he was the professor of skill of the actor in Theater School BV Shchukin.
Grave took most of the war at the front branch of the Vakhtangov theater, crossed the Dnieper, received the Order, the victory had met in Berlin. Then again he came out on stage native theater, which he served until his death. The great masters worked with him: first favorites of Vakhtangov, then-  students students. There was radio and television, animation, and the Shchukin School in his life. His intelligent look was widely used in cinema - his soft features, wise eyes, slightly ironic tone.
Alexander K. Grave died on March 5, 2010.

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