Рапопорт Иосиф Матвеевич  

Joseph Rapoport

Meritorious Artist of the RF
An actor and director Joseph Matveevich Rapoport was born on 22 March 1901 in Oryol.
Since 1918 was an actor and one the main organizers of the Shalyapin Studio, where he played: Tellier (“Wolves” by Rollan), the leading role in the “Korolevskiy bradobrey” by Lunacharsky, etc.
Joseph Rapoport was a character actor, his artistic works were notable for their sharp and original concept, clear and thoroughly tuned details.
Since 1925 J.M. Rapoport started his teaching career.
In 1934-41 and 1946-50 he taught at VGIK.
In 1942-46 — at the Moscow Operetta Theatre Studio.
Since 1950 he was a professor of GITIS (Faculty of Music Directing).
Since 1953 he taught at the Schukin Theatre School.
Joseph Matveevich Rapoport died on 11 May 1970.

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