Мансурова Цецилия Львовна  
Интервенция (1933)  

Жанна - Цецилия Мансурова

Много шума из ничего (1936)  

Беатриче - Цецилия Мансурова

Перед заходом солнца (1941)  

Инкен Петерс - Цецилия Мансурова

Сирано де Бержерак (1942)  

Роксана - Цецилия  Мансурова

Чайка (1954)  

Аркадина - Цецилия Мансурова

Тригорин - Андрей Абрикосов

Филумена Мартурано (1956)  

Филумена Мартурано - Цецилия Мансурова

Tsetsiliya Mansurova

People's Artist of the USSR

Tsetsiliya Lvovna Mansurova was born on 8 March 1897 in Moscow, in the family of an engineer.
In 1919 she graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Kiev University.
Since 1919 she was a student and then an actress of Yevgeny Vakhtangov’s Studio.
She worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1926 till 1976.
Since 1925 she was a teacher at the Vakhtangov Theatre School (since 1939 — Schukin Theatre School), since 1946 – a professor.
She was famous for the fact that was the first actress to play princess Turandot in the famous Vakhtangov’s performance.
Yevgeny Vakhtangov’s student, faithful to his aesthetic principles, devoted to the Theatre, Tsetsikiya Mansurova was an actress of high stage culture, sharp theatre form, expressive completeness of plastic pattern. Her works are remarkable for their fine sense of style, subtle lyricism and special Vakhtangov’s irony.
Mansurova’s principal partner was Ruben Simonov. The duet of these true genuine Vakhtangov’s successors for decades served as a symbol of the art of the theatre named after the great director.

Tsetsiliya Lvovna Mansurova died on 22 January 1976.

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