Мерлинский Григорий Маркович  

Grigory Merlinsky

Grigory Markovich Merlinsky was born in 1908.
He began his artistic career at Proletkult.
In 1932 he graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre School.
He worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1932 till 1968.
R.N. Simonov called Grigory Merlinsky “episode Mozart”. He was one of the most repertoire actors of the theatre, but played only small parts. At the time there were written more reviews about him than about actors who played central parts. He was able to concentrate sharp psychological description of the character as well as paradoxically sharp form in a small episode, achieving the genuine virtuosity in that.
Grigory Markovich Merlinsky died in 1968.

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