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На всякого мудреца довольно простоты (1968)  

Турусина - Алла Казанская

Крутицкий - Николай Плотников

Дион (1965)  

Дион - Мхаил Ульянов

Домициан - Николай Плотников

Маленькие трагедии (1959)  

Дон Гуан - Николай Гриценко

Лепорелло - Николай Плотников


Nikolay Plotnikov

People's Artist of the USSR, the USSR State Prize Laureate

Nikolay Sergeevich Plotnikov was born on 23 October (5 November) 1897 in Vyazma, Smolenskaya province.
Plotnikov started his artistic career in 1920 (according to the other sources, in 1919) at the troupe of the Vyazma People’s Theatre.
He studied at the Moscow Art Theatre Studio.
Since 1922 — an actor of the 4th Moscow Art Theatre Studio.
1933-1936 — an actor of the Moscow Theater of the Revolution.
1936-1937 — of the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army
He worked at the Vakgtangov Theatre from 1938 till 1979 (off and on).
He also taught at GITIS (1932-1951), VGIK (1937-1939), acting school at the film studio "Mosfilm" (1935-1937), was given a professor degree in 1946.
N.S. Plotnikov lived for 81 year. 60 of those years he worked on the stage and 41 year on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre. Nikolay Plotnikov undoubtedly is one of the Vakhatangov Theatre great actors’ pleiad.
N.S. Plotnikov had all possible in the Soviet Union actor titles. In 1933 he became the Honored Artist of RSFSR, in 1966 — the People’s Artist of the USSR.
In 1980 in his hometown Vyazma there appeared a street named after Nikolay Plotnikov, and on the building of the People’s Theatre a memorial plate was placed.
N.S. Plotnikov have staged approximately 30 performances at different theatres.
In 1940 he staged “Taras Bulba” written by Gogol at the Vakhtangov Theatre.
Nikolay Sergeevich Plotnikov died on 3 February 1979.

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