Парфаньяк Алла Петровна  
Дион (1965)  

Сервилит - Николай Гриценко,

Фульвия  - Алла Парфаньяк

И дольше века длится день... (1984)  

Едигей - Михаил Ульянов

Укубала - Алла Парфаньяк


Alla Parfanyak

Meritorious Artist of the RF
An actress and Mikhail Ulyanov’s wife Alla Petrovna Parfanyak was born on 9 August 1923.
In 1947 graduated from the Schukin Theatre School, E.R. Simonov and V.K. Lvova’s course.
From 1947 till 2009 worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre.
Worked with such directors as A.M. Gabovich, R.N. Kaplanyan, A.F. Kats, A.M. Mambetov, A.I. Remizova, E.R. Simonov, R.N. Smirnov.
Alla Petrovna Parfanyak died on 12 November 2009.

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