Ремизова Александра Исааковна  

Alexandra Remizova

People’s Artist of the RF

Alexandra Isaakovna Remizova was born on 16 May 1903 in Tbilisi, in the family of a doctor. On graduating from Kharkov’s classical school, she studied at the drama studio of the Cinelnikov Theatre under the direction of Vilner.

In 1920 she entered Mansurov Studio.

She worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1920 till 1989.

In the middle 1930s A.I. Remisova, although having showed herself as an intelligent and distinguishing actress, passed on to stage direction.

Her first works were performances joint with the other directors: “Floridsdorf” by F. Volf, 1936 (with P. Antokolskiy) and “Dangerous Corner” by J. B. Priestley, 1940 (with A. Goryunov).

R.B. Simonov greatly influenced maturing of A.I. Remizova’s director talent.
In performances, directed by Alexandra Remizova, played M. Astangov, A. Abrikosov, N. Grizenko, N. Plotnikov, Y. Yakovlev, Y. Borisova and others.
Working with different artists (V. Ryndin, V. Dmitriev, Y. Shtoffer, Z. Akhvlediani, I. Rabinovich, M. Vinogradov, Y. Manke, I. Sumbatashvili), Remizova preferred N. Akimov to others, as he was her old friend.
A.I. Remizova taught Acting Technique at the Schukin Theatre School, where she staged a number of student performances.
She directed such television dramas as:

Toupee Artist (jointly with L. Fedotov, cast — the Vakhtangov Theatre actors)
A Man is Going Ahead

Grandmother's novel

In the early 1980s A.I. Remizova rehearsed G. Hauptmann’s play “The Reconciliation” ath Vakhtangov Theatre, but the performance was not released.
One of her last works was staging of G. Yagdfeld’s play “Key of Dreams” on the Vakhtangov Theatre Small Stage (1985).
Alexandra Ivanovna Remizova died on 20 November 1989.

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