Женщина за зеленой дверью (1973)  

Шаргия - Нина Русланова

Ковалева из провинции (1974)  

Ковалева - Нина Русланова

Мещанин во дворянстве (1969)  

Николь - Нина Русланова

Фронт (1975)  

Маруся - Нина Русланова

Леший (1979)  

Юля - Нина Русланова

Молодость театра (1972)  

Нина Прохорова - Нина Русланова

Nina Ruslanova

People's Artist of the RF
Nina Ivanovna Ruslanova was born on 5 December 1945 in Bogodukhov, Ukraine. She was brought up in an orphanage at the difficult post-war times, she herself chose the name and date of birth.
In 1960 she graduated from the Construction College, then entered the Kharkov Theatre Institute, but having spent two years there, she decided to go to Moscow.
She graduated from the Schukin Theatre School in 1969, B. Lvova, L. Shikhmatov’s studio.
On graduating the Theatre School, she was offered to work for several theatres - Sovremennik Theatre, Taganka Theatre, The Vakhtangov Theatre. Nina Ruslanova chose the latter and worked there for 15 years.
In 1985-1988 she was an actress of the Mayakovsky Theatre, worked at the Ruben Simonov Theatre.
Since 1988 was an actress of the Gorky Film Studio.
When she was a second year student, Nina Ruslanova made her debut in 1967 playing Nadezhda in the film “Brief Encounters” directed by Kira Muratova.
She played more than 100 vivid cinema roles.
She acted in films directed by: Alexey German, Kira Myratova, Georgiy Daneliya, Eldap Ryazanov, Alla Syrikova.

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