Sergey Gerasimov

People's Artist of the USSR, Lenin Prize and USSR State Prize Laureate
A director, scriptwriter, actor Sergey Аpollina?riyevich Gerasimov was born on 21 May 1906 in Kundravy, Chelyabiskaya region.
He studied at the Leningrad Art School, in 1928 graduated from the drama department of the Leningrad Performance Art Institute.
Since 1924 began to act in films, then became director’s assistant in the creative team “FEKS”.
He was the director of the Victory Day parade, held on 24 June 1945 in Moscow at the Red Square to mark the victory over Nazi Germany.
He staged several performances at the Film Actor Theatre-Studio.
He was an academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, doctor of Fine Arts, professor of VGIK.
A lot of time and efforts he gave to the pedagogical activity. It was Gerasimov who introduced an innovative idea of joint teaching of actors and directors.
Among his students were: Sergey Bondarchuk, Lev Kulidzhanov, Tatyana Lioznova, Inna Makarova, Nonna Mordyukova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Nikolay Gubenko, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Nikolay Eryomenko, Larisa Udovichenko, Natalya Аrinbasarova, Sergey Nikonenko, Lidiya Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, Zhanna Bolotova, Natalya Bondarchuk, Natalya Belokhvostikova, Vadim Spiridonov, Zinaida Kiriyenko, Talgat Nigmatulin, Zurab Kipshidze and many others. He invited mostly his students to act in his films. In 1986 VGIK was named after C.A. Gerasimov.
Sergey Аpollina?riyevich Gerasimov died on 26 November 1985.

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