Шухмин Борис Митрофанович  

Boris Shuhmin

Meritorious Artist of the RF

Boris Mitrofanovich Suhmin was born on 7 October 1899 in Voronezh.
On graduating from the secondary school in 1918, he volunteered for the Red Army.
Studied at Stroganov School.
In 1921 he entered the 3rd MAT Studio.
He worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1921 till 1962 and played more than 80 parts.
Since 1926 he taught at the Schukin Theatre School.
Since 1941 he headed the noise department of the Theatre. He also worked as a director.

Boris Mitrofanovich Suhmin died on the night of 19/20 January 1962.

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