Синельникова Мария Давыдовна  
Интервенция (1933)  

Мадам Ксидиас -  Мария Синельникова

Маскарад (1941)  

Баронесса Штраль - Мария Синельникова

Mariya Sinelnikova

Meritorious Artist of the RF
Mariya Davydovna Sinelnikova was born on 10 August 1899.
She studied at Higher Courses for women in Kharkov (faculty of  History and Philology). There she attended the Sinelnikov Theatre Studio and played at that theatre.
In 1920 she worked at agitation train at the Southwestern Front of the Red Army.
In Autumn of the same year entered the Vakhtangov Theatre School.
She worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre from 1920 till 1993.
Since 1928 Mariya Sinelnikova was a teacher at the Schukin Theatre School.
For one of the most brilliant Vakhtangov acting school actresses Mariya Sinelnikova’s artistic work were characteristic keen wit, clear form, strict and precise choice of expressive means.
She played Madame Ksidias (“The Intervention” by Slavin, 1933) with pitiless irony and remarkable vividness. At the same time gentle wisdom, warm-heartedness, kindness was distinguishing feature of her Bela (“Deep Rootes” by Go and De Yusso, 1947), Rosalia (“Filomena Morturano” by De Filippo, 1956), etc.
Mariya Davydovna Sinelnikova died on 11 March 1993.

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