Тутышкин Андрей Петрович  

Andrey Tutyshkin

Meritorious Artist of the RF

Andrey Petrovich Tutyshkin was born on 24 January 2010 in Kishinyov.
In 1930 he graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre School, and more than 20 years worked there as an actor and director.
From 1927 till 1939 worked at the Vakhtangov Theatre.
1949-1950 — he was the Art Director of the 1st Moscow Puppet Theatre, Leningrad Theatre of Musical Comedy, the chief director of Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theatre.
In the middle 1960s Andrey Tutyshkin virtually stopped acting in films, and more often taking his place on the other side of the camera. Unfortunately, his works were not appreciated at their true value. He didn’t get honorary titles and awards, his name is mentioned in none of encyclopedias, and his director works were mercilessly criticized by his contemporaries. Today they are part of the Films Gold Fund.
Andrey Petrovich Tutyshkin died on 30 October 1971.

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