The premiere held on  2014.08.22

There were not so many performances of this kind in The Vakhtangov Theatre’s repertoire. Drama used to be the heart of the performance, while the word was primarily an expression of thought, the music and the plastic came in addition to the depictive row.

Lithuanian choreographer Anzhelika Сholina shows the war-theme as a disaster that takes away from homeland people of different nationalities. Men became warriors, women turned to fugitives running from the horror of violence and destruction. They find themselves on the unknown land in a small town cafe waiting for the next ship to carry them away and shelter. The Coast of Women – is a coast of hope, which every character of the performance gasps for. The action consists in expectations. Every character is an individual, with his complex past, present and a dream for the future.

Life goes on…drama, grotesque and even lyric times remain. Women remain women. In a slottery, neglected cafe beautiful dresses of the heroines look odd, but they couldn’t part with them and tucked them hastily into suitcases. Life goes on…young ladies flirt with waiters while older ones peer into faces of the passing-by soldiers hoping to recognize kindred eyes.

A musical dominant of the performance is Marlene Dietrich’s songs. Each song is a small story entwined with the life of the character. Why Marlene Dietrich? Not the voice of the actress allures, but her transfiguration ingenuity. Marlene Dietrich sings in German, English, French and Hebrew and that corresponds with the nationality of the characters. Words are not always clear, but we understand the language of emotions – of passion, parting, love and hope.
Several suspenseful, tremulous, tragic hours taken from the lives of women and brought to the audience with the help of plastic, dancing, gestures and music.

Running time: 1 hours 30 min with one intermission.
The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).



Angelica Cholina


Yuozas Statkevichus

Set designer

Marius Jacovskis

Cherche la rose

Anna Antonova

Dmitriy Kuznetsov

Alexander Soldatkin

Anton Torsukov

Vitalys Semenovs


Maria Volkova

Mariya Slastenkova

Ekaterina Kramzina

Adelina Gizatullina

Asya Domskaya


Vera Novikova

Valery Ushakov

Kinder, heut' abend, da such ich mir was aus

Marika Dzhaparidze

Natalya Kiyko

Cream Tango

Eugenia Kregzhde

Victor Dobronravov

Anastasiya Zdanova

Yriy Tsokurov

Shir Natan

Laura Keosayan

Nino Kantariya

Alexandra Platonova

Olga Borovskaya

Near you

Maria Rival

Anastasia Vasilieva

Ekaterina Simonova

Aleksandra Prokofyeva

Lada Churovskaya

Asya Domskaya

Astor Piazolla

Olga Efremova

Vasilisa Sukhanova

Ekaterina Simonova

Mein blondes Baby

Alexandra Streltsina

Aleksandr Konstantinov

Alexander Soldatkin

Olga Lerman

Vasily Simonov

Pavel Tekheda - Kardenas

Argentinean Jew

Artur Ivanov

You're the cream in my coffee

Inna Alabina

Just a Gigolo

Marina Esipenko

Kirill Rubtsov

Dmitry Solomykin

Johnny, wenn du Geburtstag hast

Maria Shastina

Vladimir Beldiyan

Marina Khramova

Bitte geh nicht fort

Lidia Velezhova

Maria Volkova

Ich bin die fesche Lola

Maria Berdinskikh

Lili Marleen

Olga Nemogay

Anastasia Vasilieva

Oleg Makarov

Kseniya Kubasova

Dmitry Gudochkin


Oleg Lopuhov

Sergey Epishev

Rodion Vyushkin

Roman Polyansky

Aleksey Gimmelyreyh