Уильям Шекспир
Hamlet (1932)
Гамлет (1932)  
Клавдий — Рубен Симонов

In April 1932, according to the decree of the Central Committee of All-Russia Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) “On reformation of literary and art organizations” numerous groups, schools and unions in all kinds of art were liquidated. The term “socialist realism” had already been put into practice. A campaign against “formalism” is just about to be launched. This is when the impudent “Hamlet” appears at the Vakhtangists. The performance gave rise to a furious reaction. Slashing reviews neighbored on the enthusiastic ones. Western critics wrote that such “Hamlet” would cause a furor in Europe. Everyone admired the wonderful music by Shostakovich, the excellent acting of Shchukin — Polonius, Orochko — Gertrude and especially Simonov — Claudius. “Hamlet” was on for about a year and then it was removed. An expressive example of “formalism” was required, and this label was eventually stuck to this performance.

Claudius, king of Denmark

Ruben Simonov

Hamlet, prince of Denmark

Anatoliy Goryunov

Fortinbras, prince of Norvegia

Vladimir Moskvin


Boris Schukin

Horatio, student

Alexander Kozlovskiy


Joseph Rapoport


Konstantin Mironov

A priest

Nikolay Bubnov


Alexander Khmara


Mikhail Derzhavin


Nikolay Smirnov

Actor - King

Nikolay Yanovsky

Actress - Queen

Andrey Tutyshkin

Actor - Lucian

Dmitry Zhuravlev

Troop’s administrator

Ivan Kashirin

1st sexton

Vladimir Balikhin

2nd sexton

Oswald Glazunov

Fortinbras’s captain

Viktor Eykhov

English ambassodor

Boris Korolyov


Boris Lebedev

A pirate

Fedor Moskvin


Anna Orochko


Valentina Vagrina