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Tickets price: from 500 to 2200 RUB.
Performance video "STORM"

One of the outstanding Russian playwrights Alexander Ostrovsky created 47 original plays of different genres: from tragedy to comedy to drama sketches. The development of the Russian drama depended on Ostrovsky a lot. Once Ivan Goncharov (a famous Russian novelist and censor) wrote to Ostrovsky: "Now you've accomplished the structure of Russian drama which was founded by Fonvizin, Griboyedov, Gogol. It's only since the appearance of your plays we, Russians, can claim proudly: "We have a Russian national theatre".

It would be a hard task: to find a Russian dramatist with such a variety of performances. Written in the 19th centuary his plays entered the third millennium. But what attracts the XXI centuary theatre in these plays? Now a young director Ulanbek Bayaliev is staging "The Storm". What a spectrum of different stage versions of the play in different times! And what shall we see now?


First night is scheduled to March, 25 at the New Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

The play is recommended for audiences over 16 years old (16+).


Ulanbek Bayaliev

Set designer

Sergey Avstrievskih


Olga Nesterenco


Faustas Latenas

Lighting Designer

Narek Tumanyan

Savil Prokofievitch Dikoy,

a merchant, and personage of importance in the town

Aleksandr Gorbatov

Boris Grigorievitch,

his nephew, a young man of good education

Leonid Bichevin

Marfa Ignatievna Kabanova (Kabaniha),

a rich merchant's widow

Olga Tumaikina

Tihon Ivanitch Kabanov,

her son

Pavel Popov

Sergey Volkov


his wife

Eugenia Kregzhde


sister of Tihon

Polina Chernyshova


a man of artisan class, a self-taught watchmaker, engaged in trying to discover the secret of perpetual motion

Yury Kraskov

Vania Kudriash,

a young man, clerk to Dikoy

Eugeny Pilugin

Pavel Yudin


a pilgrim woman

Evgeny Kosyrev


a maid servant in the Kabanovs' house

Liubov Korneva

Oksana Surkova

An Old Dog

Anatoliy Menshchikov


Vitalys Semenovs