Эскиз декораций.

Художник - Максим Обрезков


Эскиз декораций.

Художник - Максим Обрезков

Эскиз декораций.

Художник - Максим Обрезков
Tickets price: from 200 to 2200 RUB.
Performance video "PUSS IN BOOTS"

The premiere held on 2013, 09. 07

The "Puss in Boots" is s participant of the festival of children's performances "The BLUE BIRD LEAGUE", 2014

It is a rarity to meet a kid, who has not read wonderful fairy-tales of Charles Perrault in his childhood. "Puss in Boots" is one of them. At the beginning of the 93rd season this magical story comes to life on the stage of the Vakhtangov theatre, and the young audience will see the heroes, that first were born in their imagination, and now they appear on stage, giving amazing moments of communication, entertainment, leading to a fantasy world where the acting skills of the performers and of the stage-director Vladimir Ivanov will create a magical world of amazing transformations.

The Vakhtangov Theater returns to the practice of staging of the children’s plays. This mission is joined by another one which has become a tradition - the inclusion of a better diploma performance of the B. Schukin Theatre Institute into the theatre’s repertoire. This event is of the highest importance. It determines the potential for future actors, their incentive to creative growth on a path leading to the professional stage.

Charles Perrault's fairy tale is a generous, colorful, musical, entertaining gift, in the spectacular scenery by Maxim Obrezkov is certain to please the young audience.

The authors of a stage version of the play "Puss in Boots" - Vladimir Ivanov – is a director, professor and head of the course, last season's award-winner of the Theatre Festival by A. Mironov, "Figaro" in the category “ for loyalty to a Repertory Theatre” and Sergei Plotov, a screenwriter, playwright, poet, winner of the festival of one-man performances.

Running time of the performance - 2 hours with one intermission.
The play is recommended for audience older than 6 years (6 +).
The authors of the stage version

Vladimir Ivanov

Sergey Plotov


Vladimir Ivanov

Set designer and costumes

Maxim Obrezkov

Musical director

Tatiana Agaeva

Lighting designer

Maya Shavdatuashvili


Oleg Glushkov


Evgeniy Kravchenko

1st robber

2nd robber

3rd robber


Aleksandr Galochkin

Andrey Babich

The eldest son of a miller

Average miller's son

Nikolay Likhanov


the youngest son of a miller

Puss in boots

The King

Evgeniy Kravchenko

The Princess

Anastasya Golikova

Urshula Vratusha


The Bird

Urshula Vratusha


Nikolay Likhanov

Peasant woman

Uliana Demina

The Oak

Nikolay Likhanov

The Spruce

The Birch

The coachman

Владимир Иванов в программе "Театральный кружок"
Владимир Иванов в программе "Театральный кружок"