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Performance video "CRAWFISH CRY"

The premiere held on 2014, 04. 09

The great actress Sarah Bernhardt is trying to reconstruct events of the past.

In her memories, she is on the stage again, in her childhood, in the conflict with her mother, in conversations with her lover. Why she needs it all? Yes, she needs it to fill her fading life with emotions and passions, but this time only in memories. She still needs the stage and the partners. So Sarah Bernhardt gives monologues and play dialogues with her secretary Pitou.

Theater is her life, she needs adrenaline, and this is the stage she is looking for, into which she turns the shore of the French resort Belle Ile en Mer. Pitou understands what theater means to an actress. She is the person who is going away. She could not finish the debate with her opponents because they have died, and the words were left unsaid, but Sara Bernhardt stubbornly continues the one-sided dispute. For her, reality and departure to the nonexistence, where the days past, feelings, sufferings, passions, irrationality and antilogisms are evanescent, are natural. This is what life is all about, and therefore this is what theater is about.

Running time: 1 hours 30 min.
The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Mikhail Tsitrinyak

Set designer

Mariya Rybasova


Vicroria Sevryukova

Music by

Boris Kiner

Aleksandr Prokopovich

Interpretation of the play

Mariya Zonina

Sarah Bernhardt

Yulia Rutberg


Andrey Ilyin

Юлия Рутберг
Юлия Рутберг