Tickets price: from 350 to 2500 RUB.

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Spoleto57 Festival dei 2Mondi
Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana
in collaboration with Mittelfest 2014
Director Luca Ronconi
Stage design Marco Rossi
Costume design Maurizio Galante
Lighting design A.J. Weissbard
Sound design Hubert Westkemper
Adriana Asti
Giorgio Ferrara
Giovanni Crippa

Festival dei 2Mondi or Festival of Two Worlds is also wide known as “The Festival in Spoleto”. It’s an international annual event devoted to opera, drama, art and science. The establisher of the festival composer Gian Carlo Menotti wished to unite two cultural systems of Europe and America, to bring together two different worlds. Coproducers of the show are Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana and Mittelfest.

The show “Danza Macabra” was staged by a famous Italian director Luca Ronconi. He featured excellent actors: Adriana Asti, Giorgio Ferrara and Giovanni Crippa. Giorgio Ferrara is also the artistic director of the Festival of Two Worlds. The drama of domestic life and oppression is presented with Italian passion and marvelous stage skills.

Best foreign theatre professionals created this performance. Among them is the lightning designer A.J. Weissbard who often works with the outstanding European and American directors. The Russian theatre audience could recognize him by his collaboration with Robert Wilson, for example.

“Danza Macabra” will be performed in Italian with Russian translation.