Tickets price: from 500 to 4000 RUB.
Performance video "Take an umbrella, Madame Gauthier!"

During a heavy snow shower, a strange company comes together at a small hotel lost in the French Alps: Madame Gaultier, running away from her stepchildren who were about to bring her to a lunatic asylum... Madame Gaultier’s stepchildren looking for their runaway mother... And patients of the same asylum where the old woman was taken… The patients are escorted by a nurse – Mademoiselle Irene... The entire staff of the hotel consists of one person, an administrator named Pierre... Madame Gaultier’s stepchildren are hunting the securities in which she had invested all the family wealth that she inherited from her deceased husband. There is a heavy struggle to come for these securities. Yet before getting their hands on the valuable papers the stepchildren have to find Madame Gaultier first. This is not going to be easy – because the hotel turned out to be a very unusual place...

We will no longer go into details of the plot, where the main character – Madame Gaultier – is played by the People’s Artist of the USSR Yulia Borisova, and the part of Pierre Leget – by the Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Ilyin.

The play “Take an umbrella, Madame Gaultier!” is a favored material for director Vladimir Ivanov whose creative style is distinguished by a particularized elaboration of characters and delicate shading of relationships which turns his plays into long-livers of the theatrical stage.

Running time: 2 hours 40 min with one intermission.
The play is recommended for audience older than 16 years (16 +).

Vladimir Ivanov

Set designer, Costumes

Maxim Obrezkov

Musical director

Tatiana Agaeva

Lighting Designer

Narek Tumanyan

Make - up artist

Olga Kalyavina

Madame Catherine Gaultier

Yulia Borisova

Her adopted children
Antoine Gaultier

Alexander Ryshchenkov

Auguste Gaultier

Artur Ivanov

Aleksandr Oleshko

Kirill Rubtsov

Mireille Gaultier

Kseniya Kubasova

Pierre Leger

Andrey Ilyin

Oleg Makarov

Mademoiselle Irene


Olga Nemogay

Guests of the hotel

Asya Domskaya

Madame Barbe

Maria Berdinskikh


Denis Samoylov


Aleksandr Galochkin


Tanyana Polosina

Polina Chernyshova

Antoine as a child

Nikita Seredin

Auguste as a child

Andrey Borisov

Mireille as a child

Masha Borisova