A large colonnaded building, loved by many generations of Muscovites, is located in the center of Arbat (Old) Street. This building is owned by the remarkable Vakhtangov Theatre. It has become not only the physical node but also the cultural hub of the central heritage district of Moscow. The numerous lanes that branch out from the main street commemorate the many trailblazers of this famous theatre. The names of these celebrities are inscribed in memorial plaques, embedded on stone monuments, making the atmosphere of this side of Old Moscow even more remarkable.

The creative life of the Vakhtangov Theatre is inseparable from ancient Russian culture, but at the same time it sets its gaze on the future. While the Theatre’s creativity remains committed to the legacy of its founder, the outstanding director and personality Evgeny Vakhtangov, it is this very legacy that reminds us of the necessity to be alive to the challenges of modern-day life.

The work of this Theatre is a combination of brilliant form and deep content. Here you can experience a variety of genres, from classic tragedy to mischievous vaudeville. In all these genres you will witness powerful Russian actors.

The Vakhtangov Theatre has conquered the hearts of millions of people in Russia, Paris, London, Vienna, Venice, Athens, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Budapest, Madrid, and many other foreign cities.

The Vakhtangov Theater is already 95 years old. The Theatre’s secret lies in the spirit of its young actors and stage-directors (both well-established and new-comers), its ambition to deal with complex moral issues, and its desire to awaken warm human feelings in the audience.